ELI Label Pack

Low Vision Solution using ELI Labels™.

ELI’s mission is to provide the visually impaired person the ability to identify items that they come into contact with in their daily life.

Store anything-anytime in real-time using ELI Labels™.

  • Envision Eli is a system that connects consumers with providers in a very simple and unique way.
  • Communications can be in any form of Video, Audio or Text.
  • Envision Eli functions by scanning specially coded Envision Eli images and/or labels, using any smartphone with a QR coded camera reader.  The Envision Eli images and/or labels are located on any object to be read or modified from time to time.
  • Envision Eli images and/or labels are programmable.  The content can instantaneously be changed from your smartphone, to interface and modify your data stored in a cloud location.