Rick and I struck up a great conversation, talking about some of the things that each of us was doing and, interests we had in common, such as conducting Mastermind sessions.  Rick and his wife Jan had a Mastermind group they conducted in Austin Texas,​​ called Masterminds Vineyard.  I told him about the Mastermind sessions that I was conducting in my area and on the West Coast.


Rick asked me about my background and some of the things that I’m doing now. There was synergy between us and we decided to stay connected.  We were certain there were things we could do together.


A short time later, I received a call from Rick and Jan, inviting me to Austin to do a Mastermind with them.  They wanted me to be one of the experts to deliver my wisdom and knowledge to their clients.  I was delighted to accept.  October 18, 2015 Arlene and I flew to Austin and spent the day at Masterminds Vineyard.  We had a wonderful time with Rick and Jan.  In addition the Mastermind was a great success.  Rick and Jan’s clients were very pleased with my delivery.  It was a turning point, because Rick and I knew then that we would continue to work together in some capacity.  We weren’t sure exactly what it would be, but we knew we could work well together.

A few months later Rick and Jan came to Sarasota Florida, where Rick had to meet with one of his clients.  Arlene and I took them out to dinner. Rick and I told the wives ​our story as ​how fate brought us together.  I started talking about some of the projects that I was involved in and that’s when I told Rick about Ident-Eye-Fier. (later to be named Envision Eli). I told Rick about an​ issue I was having at that time.  For quite some time I had the Ident-Eye-Fier application being developed offshore with a little software company in Portugal and they were working on the Android version​ only. The Apple version was yet to come.  However, development was taking quite long and I discovered that the company was going belly-up and they had to give up the project.  The project was then in a suspended state.


Rick became very interested in the project and felt he could definitely help bring it to fruition.  I​ felt the project had great application and benefit and was certainly something that should be completed.  Rick and I agreed at that time to become partners, ​form a new company and complete the project and take it to Market. ​We shook hands and agreed!!


​A couple months later we went through the process of creating the new company.  Rick began to work on the project.  In record time he had it functioning and operating for both the Android product and the Apple products for the blind. It was a difficult task, but he completed it successfully.


We did a preliminary launch for the blind Market and within a few months we received on line domestic​ and international orders totaling about 60 clients.  We achieved what we hoped for: we had proof of concept!!  Shortly after we launched, I was invited by a very good client to be a guest speaker at a New York event. ​A​t the same time there was a big Electronic Show taking place in New York City. The client was also exhibiting at that show. ​Rick and I thought it would be a great idea to go to the show and introduce our new product for the visually impaired.  It became obvious to us at the show that there were many other applications for Eli Technology.  It was not merely an aid for the visually impaired.​


​If we would make the product cloud-based instead of just containing operation in just the cellphone, it could have many other applications that could revolutionize the marketplace for providers and consumers.

Rick and I met in Sarasota multiple times and white boarded an entire system that would be applicable to the commercial Market. It would bring providers and consumers together at the point of sale to enhance the buying experience.  We filed our Provisional Patent on the new Intellectual Property and are presently patent pending.  We are now in the process of filing our Utility Patent.


We hired US developers that have complete two phases of our three phase design and we expect to launch the new product in March, 2018.

Our company “Envision Eli, LLC” has taken on a partner, investor and adviser who is the CEO/owner of a 35 year old business, servicing the natural products industry.  He is also a supporting member in that vertical market.  We have also teamed up with an adviser and affiliate who is the CEO/owner of a product associated with comfort products for cancer survivors.  She will be providing our product as a major support item.

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