Every product, service and idea has a story; let ELI™ help you tell yours and engage your audience!
Content matters! Provide your prospects with the information they demand.

• Brand Story Telling
• Product Benefits
• Nutritional & Ingredients
• Claims, Certifications & Allergens
• Videos, Documents & Testimonials

Increase consumption through mobile–based brand engagement.

Connect with your buyers using the mobile device they rely on daily. Engage them how they want to be engaged (on their phone) and when they want to be engaged (when they looking).

Share what you want to share and how you want to share it.

Change things up, be responsive to trends and events. Promote your brand as you want. After all, who knows your brand better than you?

Your brand is everything! Be sure to promote it.

Buyers crave content. Whether B2B or B2C, ELI Codes® help you tell your story better. Incorporate video, images, documents, hyperlinks, and audio to immerse your audience with your brand message.

Finally, an innovative way to digitally engage customers. No clumsy URLs, no downloads and no confusing technology.

What makes your product great?

Don’t tell us. Tell them! Let ELI Technology® help… no Webmaster required!

Uses for ELI Codes® are limited only by your imagination.

From as small as a postage stamp to as large as a billboard, ELI Codes® work great on-screen, on paper, and in signage. From catalogs and sell sheets to in-store and in-home marketing. They also work great on apparel.

Help provide an on-line shopping experience in-store.

ELI Codes® are dynamic and exciting and allow you to provide enhanced brand, company, item and retailer content to your customer’s experience.

Provide your customers with all of the information they need.

Don’t make them search for it – who knows what they will find or where they will find it. Take control of your brand presence!

No special app required.

ELI Codes® do not require a special mobile app. They leverage technology already built into most Smartphones that are capable of reading a standardized QR code.

With one scan, ELI Technology® immediately engages your audience with videos, images, documents, and more.

     No more stale content! – ELI Technology® leverages a cloud based framework that can be updated as frequently as needed.

     No more guessing! – ELI Technology® supports real-time analytics.

     No more waiting! – ELI Technology® is easy to implement and update. No technical or design experience is needed and there is no software to install.

     Take control! – ELI Technology’s® patented and proprietary technology lets you deliver your message exactly how you want it displayed.